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Date Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

Hosting a proper backyard bash in the details

Hosting a proper backyard bash in the details

Nik Gugelman, Staff Writer
May 12, 2015



In the U.S. it is almost like a national pastime to have a barbecue. Who does not love the taste of charred burgers fresh off the grill, or golden brown chicken with crispy edges and a hint of barbeque sauce? However, cooking on the barbeque is only a part of the good time there is to be shared at an outdoor get-together. A good barbecue requires five things to make it successful starting with number one.


  1. Food and Drink


The cooks at a barbecue can reel the guests in and keep them coming back for seconds. People will enjoy the food and stay at your gathering for longer periods of time if the food is good. The cook will get compliments and the guests will want to come back for future barbecues if you can grill properly. To establish a good menu ensure you know your guests. Certain people cannot eat certain things, therefore be mindful of their diet and try to cater to their needs, so everyone is pleased. The drinks are the same. If your having a very proper social gathering, try to please the guests with a good wine or champagne, instead of laying out shots of the three wise-men. And its also important to have drinks for designated drivers and people who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages.  Also beware of situations when that certain someone needs to get cut off. It is never fun when someone has had too much to drink and now you or someone else has to babysit.


  1.  Company


The company you choose to keep can create a good mood for your shindig. If you are looking for a mellow atmosphere, your supporting cast probably does not want to be filled with hyper-active people and vice versa. If you’re the party starter and you want a great party atmosphere, you probably want the ‘lets-get-tore-up-party-members who know how to throw down a brewski or two. It is always good when you are throwing this type of party to invite the guy/gal who knows how to keep everyone entertained.


  1.  Leisure


Obviously you want to have fun when you invite guests over for a good time.  There are plenty of fun things to do at a barbecue, but the most important thing to do when you are a host, is to ensure EVERYONE is entertained. Its never fun when you have two people sitting in a corner chatting the whole time when everyone else is playing a game. Some fun games to play during a barbecue are: Cornhole (Bags), Beer pong and Tip cups if your old enough, or for the people that prefer to stay indoors or choose to barbecue in inclement weather, poker is always fun, as well as the game Taboo.


  1.  Music


Music at a barbecue gets people fired up, and ready to party! I love music and enjoy when a song comes on that makes me want to dance, even though I don’t know how.  This can create good spirits for the crowd, depending on what music you play. You have to be mindful of who is at your barbecue, because you may not want to play Tupac when your in-laws are present at your get-together. Ensure you are playing music that the people want to listen to, not necessarily yourself because if they are happy and in good spirits that can make the party better, even if it takes listening to ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe.’


  1.  The Setting


The best time for a barbecue is in the summer. The sun is out, it is nice and warm, making for a nice looking day. The setting is just as important as the weather, you want to make sure that the area you have your barbecue at has lots of space for people to maneuver in an out of, without having to trip over people or furniture.  Speaking of furniture, you always want to have enough places for your guests to sit. This creates comfort and by the design of the seating you can create a good atmosphere for conversation. This will also prevent someone from walking through your conversation having to say excuse me, and interrupting your dialog.

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