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Date Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

Incorporate interesting decor for vacation getaway spot

Incorporate interesting decor for vacation getaway spot

Decorating and furnishing a vacation home can be very different from decorating and furnishing your first home or primary residence.

Whether you plan on visiting your second home occasionally or renting it out year round, many design trends are geared to help you make the most of your investment in a very practical, but aesthetically appealing, way.

A prevalent trend that has lasted years is decorating your second home to honor its location.

While there is no hard and fast rule that your seaside home has to be laden with beach-themed objects, for example, you certainly can find inspiration from your second home's natural settings.

For homes located in wooded locales, you can incorporate beautiful natural wood pieces; for cold-weather locations, warm leather seating can be a stylish, appropriate choice; for a beachside home, light and bright shabby chic or cottage designs can pay homage to your surroundings.

One of the most appealing aspects of owning a vacation home is getting to enjoy the property's outdoor spaces.

A great way get more enjoyment out of your second home is upgrading the outdoor areas.

"People are loving their outdoor spaces more and more - especially our resort properties here in Galveston," said J. Roy Hall, sales manager and realtor at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene.

Cozy outdoor sitting areas, for example, allow homeowners to extend their indoor living space to the outdoors and have become a popular focus of second-home redecorating.

"When I work with clients on outdoor spaces, I find that they really want a setup that looks comfortable. There are several important elements in creating this space," said Candy Dumas, a professional stager for real estate agency The Loken Group and owner of Sweet Interiors by Candy.

"Patio furniture trends have shifted away from traditional iron patio furniture to contemporary plastic wicker furnishings. This style is very popular. For a more 'designer look,' many of my clients purchase their outdoor furniture and have custom pillows made to match their decor.

"When accessorizing with pillows, make sure they are weather resistant. For my clients, I purchase weather-resistant fabric and have custom pillows made."

From a structural standpoint, covered patios are another popular second home feature today in all price points and areas. Another popular outdoor trend is stamped or stained concrete.

"This trend really started gaining popularity a few years ago, but is still very popular. If you like the look of stonework, stamped concrete is a more economical way to get that look," Dumas said.

The outdoor kitchen is another popular feature.

"In addition to your standard grill, it's also very popular to have an ice maker, refrigerator and smoker as fixtures in your outdoor kitchen. We also see many homeowners choosing wood-burning pizza ovens. Another popular feature is a built-in fireplace or fire pit. This may surprise you for Texas, but is a trend we see often," Dumas said.

As far as landscaping is concerned, for a second home, less is more.

Be mindful to choose plants appropriate to the area or location of your second home. For Texas, always choose plants hardy to sun and heat.

Of course, finding ways to save money and create a better return on your investment is always on trend.

Using energy-efficient or low-maintenance decor or features is an effective way to save money, particularly for vacation homes.

"Folks are becoming more appreciative of energy-efficient systems and will pay a little more to save money in the long run. Also, when you have a vacation or rental property, your tenants will not care that they are leaving on every light in the house, running the shower extra long or leaving doors open, letting out the cool A/C air. And why should they? They're on vacation," Hall said.

This means going for the low cost, high impact solutions - outfitting your second home with energy-efficient lighting and windows, choosing a glossier paint for the interiors to allow for easier clean-up, or using slipcovers that will help protect against the elements and can be changed to be updated easily.

Ultimately, the best decorating decisions you can make for your second house are ones that make you happy and give that property a cozy feeling of home.


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