Topic: Outdoor Furniture

Date Posted: Monday, April 14, 2014
Posted by: Judy Walker (Master Admin)

Outdoor Furniture: Trends You Need To Know About

After months of being practically being held hostage indoors thanks to a seemingly never-ending barrage of snow and cold, temperatures have risen at long last.

Isn’t it great to feel warm weather breezes and cool (rather than absolutely freezing!) rainfall?

With so much time spent inside, it’s also wonderful to be able to get outside and soak up all the sunshine. That’s why you should be looking into outdoor furniture.

After all, you can lounge outdoors and enjoy the sunny weather just as easy as stare at it from inside your home. And if you have the space and the option to jazz up your outdoor space, you should strongly consider doing so.

There are some great outdoor trends that you should be aware of when it comes to outdoor furniture. We’ve come a long way since a simple gazebo and lawn chair.

Bright And Earthy Tones Dominate

When you think of “earthy tones”, don’t assume the dull browns and olive greens are what are the rage. Think bright colors: Lime greens, sky and baby blues, and bold espresso browns.

Bright colors are also a good for making small spaces seem larger than they are.


If you aren’t interested in sticking to greens, blues, or browns, there are other bright colors to make any space pop. Think yellows and oranges. For a more feminine touch, light purples and pinks are always a good idea.

Bring Light To Outdoor Furniture Spaces

Brighten up your outdoor space with more than just fabulous colors. Consider having dinner outdoors under the lights of an outdoor chandelier.

The combination of tree branches and elegantly lit outdoor tables makes for a fun change from being sequestered indoors due to the weather. Imagine how nice it would be to have dinner under the stars.


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