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Date Posted: Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

On a lighter note

On a lighter note

Divish Saran

During the spring season, when the Sehgals got a bloom of beautiful flowers in their garden they hosted an evening party for their friends. However, much to their disappointment, apart from some stray compliments about the attractive surroundings, no one bothered to give the roses, petunias and candy tufts a great deal of attention. It soon dawned upon the couple that there was something wrong with the presentation of the garden. It had not been lit up the way it should have been. Imaginative outdoor illumination, they realised, would have added beautifully to the scenic edge of the garden, just as bad lighting had robbed it of the attention it deserved.


Glow signs

Any lighting expert will confirm that installing lights and lamps, especially if you have these fixed at the right place, increases the aesthetic appeal of the house.


 Delhi-based architect and lighting-consultant Sushil Jain says, “It’s an inexpensive way to create another space in the house and enjoy the natural surroundings by yourself or with your friends. These days, people are giving as much importance to indoor lighting as outdoor illumination.” 


Changing scene

However, for most people, outdoor lighting is often an afterthought in exterior facelifts and landscape designs. It is something not thought about until the façade has been created. If you find yourself in this kind of dark spot, “Don’t despair,” says Jain. The best strategy is to first mark the areas that you want lit up. It is not necessary to illuminate the entire outdoor area. Decide which ones are a priority for you. Get the best results by lighting up spaces closest to the house, since that is where most activities happen and then move further.


One way to beautifully connect the house with its outdoors is to light up the perimeters to create a feeling of enclosure, say lighting experts. It is best to illuminate a landscape by using subtle lighting accents on flower beds.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, the market offers plenty of choices. The price range begins from Rs 2,500 and goes up to Rs 20,000. Options of delicate white lights in the shape of wreaths, garlands and swags for doors and windows are available in the market. To keep the decor contemporary, go for rope lights. These help give any architectural feature a streamlined look. 


Light judiciously

Strings of lights can be concealed in flower beds or along the edges of a pathway. A spotlight can be used to focus on a well-shaped flowering tree. LED lights are excellent for highlighting steps and changes in the level of garden and when used in moderation, these work well to draw attention to pots and planters. Experts suggest that you should deliberately leave some areas relatively dark. The dramatic contrast of lights and shadows add to the beauty of a garden. 


Subtle illumination, say experts, should not just highlight the elements of the surroundings, but also enhance the visual quality of your outdoor space. In fact, imaginative lighting can transform your garden or balcony into a retreat that you will love.

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