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Date Posted: Wednesday, July 08, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

6 sizzling outdoor living trends

6 sizzling outdoor living trends


Americans spent billions on outdoor living spaces each year. Where homeowners once would have added square footage with new construction, they now want to open the door and expand their living space into the great outdoors. The backyard can be more than a place to entertain or spend time with family and friends. For some, it's a respite from the everyday. What are the trends for 2014? Read on the hottest ways to turn your back yard into an outdoor oasis.

Nature elements to blend with the garden

The use of natural materials — as opposed to man-made materials such as plastic — is more appropriate than ever for the garden. Slabs of stone work excellent as benches and will last forever. Natural options tend to be more expensive, but if you were to calculate life to cost value, a natural stone option ends up winning.

Outdoor saunas and hot tubs

For those who like saunas, this is probably one of best investments you'll make in 2014. There is nothing quite like heating up the sauna and escaping to the end of the garden, especially after a long, stressful day. In a similar vain, one which is more broadly sensationalized and bragged about, an outdoor hot tub is a perfect way to get outside and use the outdoor area. It's a great place to escape to relax and unwind. If you have the capital to run and invest in a hot tub, it's a winner.

Inventive lighting

Opt for creative or chic options like ambiance lighting, placed under seating or garden features, to complement well-placed lamps. Don't just stick to one color either; versatility is fresh and having the option to change the color of the light at a press of the switch will drastically change the mood of the outdoor area. This will give a slight edge, making the outdoor escape that much more attractive and coax you outside to use the area more.

Lavish seating areas

Outdoor sectionals and conversation sets are more popular than ever. These pieces are perfect for large families or people who have a lot of parties, cookouts or get-togethers at their home. Since they tend to be expensive, choose a neutral color or pattern so you can add small details and bursts of colors with throw pillows or other accessories. But bright, cheerful and bold colors like teal and dark purple are hot this year. Large floral prints, stripes and paisley prints are also in style, along with bold, solid-colored pieces.

Fire pits and fireplaces

A fire pit is awesome and practical. The warmth it gives is an outside enabler, giving people the opportunity to use their gardens when it's cold outside. One of the biggest factors for not using an outdoor living space is either the cold or wet conditions and a fire pit solves one of these pickles.

Fire up the grill

People want to try new things on the grill — so much so that owning multiple grilling products is the norm. The expansion of the kitchen to the outdoors has led to high-end grills that will hold up to family dinners and parties. But it doesn't end there. Wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens are becoming popular. And those with the means can create entire gourmet kitchens complete with running water, islands, wine coolers, refrigerators and more.

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