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Date Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2015
Posted by: Tanya Zanfa (Master Admin)

On trend backyards

On trend backyards

One day we will experience what’s known as spring. We will know it has finally arrived when we arrive home late from work one day and smell … it. You know, the scent that wafts into your home through an open window when your neighbour is barbecuing. The smell that makes you dig through your own freezer to see what you too can throw on the flame, adding this and that to create an alchemy of fine Maritime feasting.

While we wait for that day to come (and it will), why not take an inventory of your outdoor gadgets and appliances? You may find they leave you wanting. To make you truly the envy of the neighbourhood culinary scene, let’s check out some new barbecue trends and gadgets.

“With the latest trends and accessories, you can make your barbecue so much more than just a cooking rack over a fire,” says Steve Gauci, of Napoleon Gourmet Grills.“Different cooking methods and styles release new flavours. Barbecue accessories seem to be endless these days, but there are several that will truly make your grilling experience that much better, helping you experience foods in new ways with new flavours that will excite your taste buds, or may just make cooking outside that much easier and convenient.”

As for the “main event” so speak — the barbecue itself — adding a few complementary items can go a long way in turning your outdoor kitchen into a culinary oasis, whether it’s a large space or small.

“You don’t necessarily need a big yard or a big budget to improve the grilling experience for you and your guests,” says Stephen Schroeter, senior vice-president of Napoleon.

“There are plenty of outdoor kitchen options available to suit all types of outdoor spaces. It’s easy to customize your space to fit your lifestyle, wants and needs, and a few key items can make a big difference.”

Here are some of the latest trends that will be popular in backyards across Canada this summer:

Charcoal Grill and Water Smoker

Gas or propane grills are effective and convenient, but if you’re looking for a unique taste or have time to slow-cook your food, charcoal grill and water smoker combos are a great option. You can simply use the top grill to cook your food on charcoal, or spread out the charcoal and throw some wood chips on for excellent smoking.

Get colourful

Stainless steel is giving way to coloured porcelain lids. The porcelain doesn’t require as much cleaning and polishing as stainless — and the colour can be selected to match your backyard decor. Fun!

Infrared grilling

Just like they do in a restaurant! The high heat of infrared grilling comes from 10,000 ports flaming a ceramic burner until it glows red. The result is a clean, consistent method of cooking that produces juicier, tastier steaks and burgers.

Shish kebab wheel

A handy attachment that fits right on to your existing rotisserie spit, the shish kebab wheel holds your skewers of meat and vegetable in place as it evenly cooks them over the consistent heat your grill.

Outdoor fridge

It’s important to keep your food and beverages chilled when cooking outside, and an outdoor fridge allows you to do so without having to make trips in and out of the house. Typically made with a stainless steel door and a powder-coated grey galvanized steel exterior, outdoor fridges are highly tolerant to all types of weather.

LED Grilling Light

Grill well into the night without having to juggle food, tools and your smartphone flashlight. Illuminate your grill space with hands-free grilling lights. A built-in magnet allows you to attach the light to most metal surfaces, or you can use the clip to attach it to shelves, handles or grilling tools.

Just writing this has made me feel better, knowing that sun and grass and barbecues are nigh. Soon balconies and decks and backyards throughout the province will be turned into outdoor kitchens so we can play Masterchef, or just feel fancy throwing some onion soup mix into our patties. Hope springs eternal!

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